Our passion for MTB led us to creat the MTB in Portugal and it is that same passion that fills the atmosphere of our rides.

We are social and amateur riders, we want to provide the best experience for MTB amateur riders, from the enthusiastic to the casual ones. If you want to climb up or go down fast, we follow you, since our experience of over 14 and 18 years allows us to do so. If you want to take a relaxed ride, we follow you with our endless passion for riding.

We offer exclusive all inclusive guided MTB tours in the North of Portugal. We will arrange to pick you up from the airport, welcome you, talk a little bit about our tours and about Guimarães and get you settled in your accommodation. We organize everything required for your MTB visit, just turn up and we’ll take care of the rest!

We are keen in ensuring enthusiasts mountain bikers (like ourselves), make sure they enjoy their mountain biking here in the North of Portugal. We specially enjoy All Mountain hard rides but all kind of rides are possible here.

We have designed rides which will appeal to the experienced mountain biker who is looking for adventure and enjoys a challenging ride with good company led by guides of a similar age and attitude. The rides are generally classified as intermediate grade 3 but require a moderate to high fitness level because of the terrain and distances travelled.

For security reasons and fluidity of the rides, our groups are always small, with no more than 6 people. If you want to schedule a tour group with more than 6 people we put in another guide..
We encourage groups to book with us by offering discounts for groups, (friends/club members) who know each other’s capability which in turn makes our job easier to tailor the riding to the group.

We have been involved with our local MTB clubs for many years and know what it takes to turn a regular mountain biking ride into a Real Mountain Biking Adventure.

We are specialists in mountain biking rides, our tires touch the tarmac no more than necessary; off road, single track riding is our passion.

Our track rides are mountain nature paths or rural and agricultural areas. Some of them are tracks with hundreds of years that connect small villages. Around here we do not need to build tracks, the possibilities are numerous.

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